Our highly trained staff will carry out a professional cleaning service. We have comprehensive guidelines for our staff to follow to ensure your drive or patio is cleaned and coated to the highest possible standard


Driveway and Patio Cleaning  is Available in our Online Shop fo r purchase


We are fully protected by public and employers liability insurance you can relax and have total peace of mind whilst we carry out the work, to the highest possible standard


Untreated moss, lichen and algae can make your drives, patios & decking surfaces look a lot older than they are. Our services can restore your drive way surfaces, protect them against weather conditons and leave them looking new again


We can provide paving sealers which have a unique formulation, unlike some waterproofers, penetrating the surface therefore waterproofing even after the initial beading is gone. It will not be destroyed by ultraviolet light and is long lasting even under heavy moisture conditions

Our comprehensive refurbishment programme not only restores paving and other hard surfaces to close to their original condition, but can also when combined with the sealing and other surface treatments further enhance their appearance and durability


We are experienced and reliable and have all the equipment needed to do the job quickly and efficiently. If you need a general clean up then Shining Windows Driveway Cleaners are your best choice because we can do drives, hard landscaping and windows to make your house look respectable and inviting


Many of our customers also opt to have the driveway chemically sealed. This will help your driveway to remain in great condition for two to three years. Some of the benefits include, making the drive less porous to inhibit stains, stopping growth of weeds and algae and enhancing the appearance of your drive by giving it a permanent sheen. If you choose not to have your driveway sealed we recommend having it cleaned once a year


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