Frequently Asked Questions About Window Cleaning

What is a Water Fed Pole (WFP)?

Water fed poles provide safe access to reach high level windows, the equipment uses pure water, specially filtered water that also eliminates the need for a detergent to be added. The purity of the water produces shining results. In our opinion, windows that are cleaned with pure water correctly stay that little bit cleaner from a week to a fortnight longer than cleaning methods using a detergent in the water. This is due to the detergent leaving a microscopic residue on the surface, which in turn allows dirt and dust to settle somewhat quicker.

Are the poles safe?

Our water fed pole cleaning equipment is much safer and poses far less risks compared to climbing a ladder. The height a pole can reach is largely dependent on the material used to make it. Therefore, window cleaners have different compositions of poles depending on their customers. We use carbon fibre and fibre glass technology, enabling us to reach as high as fifty feet and over. For higher jobs up to sixty feet, a high module carbon fibre pole is used, as it is stronger, less flexible and much lighter to handle.

Do they save customers money?

Yes, when working at levels above the ground and first floor, the price of the job will reflect upon the time taken, and equipment used. Using a water fed pole system, our window cleaner's do not need to climb ladders and put themselves at risk, the equipment enables faster cleaning and can reduce the cost of the job. We have set prices for our domestic properties listed online.

Do you only clean the outside windows?

We also clean windows internally, conservatory's, upvc and guttering. We offer a wide range of services, all with prices and booking available online.

Is the pole eco-friendly?

Water fed pole is an eco-friendly option. This is because the pole eliminates the need to use detergents and other chemicals that then wash off the building and onto the ground below.

So why no detergent?

Detergent isn’t needed because the water fed poles make use of water that has been specially filtered to have no impurities. This is a natural cleaning solution without chemicals or artificial elements involved and therefore is of no harm to the environment or any form of life. This lack of a detergent also means that there are no stains left on the windows by the chemicals, which are one of the leading causes of smudged and misty looking windows, after dirt has settled on the glazing.

Why do you have set prices online?

We take pride in our work, equally we take pride in our business model. We feel that providing a set or fixed prices online, will offer our audience, clients and visitors a reassurance that we don't haggle for an extra few pounds. We feel that just because house number 3 and number 69 have one or three more/less windows, they should'nt have different prices, they have an equal costing for the same size property, i.e 4 bedrooms with no conservatory. This offers cosistancy and dedication to providing the same service however the significance of a difference there is.

My frames still look dirty after the first clean!

Sometimes it can take one or two cleans for a upvc unit or glazing to be rid of those years of residue that has built up stains on your windows and frames. We work effectively to ensure what can be removed, is removed. Fresh windows after the first clean is our usual service standard. However, should you find an offending item, we offer to re-attend and re-clean any offending item for free.

I want my windows cleaned by someone using traditional window cleaning methods, do you offer this service?

​Yes we specialise in providing traditional methods and using new technology, providing the environment required for cleaning is safe to use this method, we can provide it. We aim to avoid working at heights on ladders due to working at heights legislation.

Are your service's available for residential properties, commercial premises and local businesses?

Yes, we currently provide a regular and reliable service to many houses and businesses in Milton Keynes and the surrounding areas. Working within our community and having such strong relations, we work in all industries, travelling across the width of our country.

Why are my windows wet?

Windows and glazing is left wet, to dry naturally, the pure water used in cleaning is so clean that it dries without leaving any form of mark or spotting on the glass, the windows will be left wet and will dry naturally with no streaks or smears. By wiping them with a cloth, all this would do is spoil this finish and possibly make the window smudged again. What the poles do is make use of the natural elements to do the job.

Whats wrong with climbing a ladder?

While there’s nothing wrong with climbing a ladder to clean windows, and in some locations this is still the best option, the Health and Safety rules are changing to discourage the practise and window cleaners have to follow suit. Since 2005, there have been regulations in place about work heights that mean that scaffolding is needed over a certain height. In turn, insurance companies have begun to charge an increased premium if ladders are used and this can be very costly, meaning window cleaners have to balance their costing and prices to the their customers cleaning requirements. By making use of a water feeder pole, this issue is eliminated – no ladders means; less risk, no increased premiums and no increased cost for customers.

What hours do you work?

Our opening hours are from 07:00 to 20:00 Monday to Saturday. We also provide cleaning services out of hours work when requested, some commercial contracts are within public access routes or shopping centres. We have to be practical about our approach to working hours, the traffic and use of the site we are working at.

Will you still clean our windows in the rain?

We work in most weather conditions to maintain the regularity of our service. Working in light or medium rain and winds is a usual service standard with window cleaning industry, however we avoid dangerous weather like thunder storms, lightning and heavy rain/winds.

What pament methods do you accept?

We accept, cash, bank transfer, credit or debit cards and paypal. We do not go out collecting in the evening for your security and our own, no one likes visitors after business hours and we like to enjoy our domestic life. We accept cash on the day a service is completed or we invoice through paypal once the service is complete.

So no-one will be looking in my window?

No, there is no need for anyone to climb up and look through your window to clean them when using a water fed pole. For some people, this is irrelevant but for some, the idea of a stranger looking into their home makes them uncomfortable. We are proud in our commitment to respect our clients privacy of personal space and property, our clients appreciate this very much.

We don’t need scaffolding to have the windows cleaned?

For owners of three and four storey buildings, under the new regulations there would be a need to erect scaffolding for the window cleaner to do their job using traditional methods. The good news is that using the new poles means that the need to put up scaffolding, with its associated costs. It makes cleaning the windows far less expensive, much safer and with less of a headache too.

​Can you clean my windows above my conservatory?

Yes, the majority of conservatories are built with cleaning in mind. Our water fed pole technology makes access a simple approach, even when conservatories with swimming pools require access equipment, we'll clean it.

Will you provide a service the same time every month?

Yes, we will endeavour to honour appointments with our customers. Our service is managed on our own database management system, we keep a record of everything. Including an automatic service cycle, we offer a unique service where our customers can book a service at a frequency that they choose.

We do not want our windows cleaned some months, will this be a problem?

This will not be a problem, we ask our customers to provide as much notice as possible, at least 24 hour notice. To ensure we can manage our accounts and provides a service route that economical and without attending to be told "not today" we are a professional busines and include finance forecasts and accounting.

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