Why did we became a leading local business within the first year of becoming an ecommerce business

Why did we choose to trade online?

In our modern society and the relevance of technology being accessible to the majority of house holds, we felt that designing a trading platform online would be advantageous not only for our company but for our audience, new and existing clients. We thought, we imagined how, then went shopping online, we opinionated and finally opted that the financial security was the most important functionality of any ecommerce platform, we chose Paypal. A platform that was widely known and trusted. Knowing the challenge ahead, we designed and tested a website until it worked. Some of the key functions that we focused on were; having set prices online, providing an informative service, ensuring to communicate with our clients, offering a safe methodology of work practice and so on... Then came social media, like anything online, the proof is in the pudding. We appreciate the interaction we have with our audience on social media platforms, it works, for us and our audience.

How did our decision benefit our audience?

Choosing to trade online meant that we could offer our community the opportunity to shop and interact with our company ethics, pricing structures, read our reviews, see the quality or work from photo albums, watch videos and see how we operate. All of these safe and ease of access means of communicating with us, with out having to ever contact us; built an ever growing bond and level of trust between ourselves. We feel and have been told that our company ethics and trading platform is easy, convenient, upfront and therefore provides an avenue of trading which includes avoiding all of those awkward moments when looking for a local company. Most people don't enjoy bartering with someone at the front door for a reasonable cost of service, having to invite someone into their personal space, having someone knock at the door at unsociable hours to collect their money, and realising that the window cleaner has missed you night after night and them seem to have somewhat of an attitude about the fact that they choose to trade this way, although the technology is out there for them to use. These facts alone have secured fantastic relationships with out clients, then they realise they can save money with us when booking a regular service. We exceed our clients expectations, first time, everytime.

How did make this a reality within our community?

Well, hard work, long hours, learning and discerning over how, why and what could be the best option. By providing a service people come to expect, our hard work and ethics have inspired people to share our information and company profile, social media, word of mouth being a strong point of reference, if you do a good job with a smile, people ask you to come back. Once, we had launched the website and started to engage with our community we made this a reality.

What has been the outcome and findings of our adventure?

Designing something you 'think' people want is an incredibly difficult game to decipher, we find that our community is ready for the Shining Windows experience of trading with an ethical company, who really cares about their clients individually, who communicate at every given opportunity. We all want an easy and hassle free method of communicating and our clients appreciate not having to wait for a response, even the search engines like what we are doing #success

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