How often should your window cleaner be visiting?

People often ask us this question and it's simple to answer.. The choice is defined by you, the property owner. Looking through our history, our clients average a monthly service, the same date each month unless it's a weekend. This provides cosistancy in our service, offering you security that your property is maintained.

A monthly frequency of window cleaning ensures that your windows are clean and inviting to your visitiors, it ensures that your glazing, frames and sills remain free from debris and excessive staining created by our favourite house spiders and bugs. A regular monthly service year round provides you peace of mind... That your windows are always clean.

Residents who reside adjacent to a busy road, indurtrial estate or near a building site may require their windows to be cleaned every 2 weeks or even weekly, if there is a large amount of dust created in close environments. At Shining Windows we endeavour to work with our clients, new and existing customers to provide a window cleaning service convenient to their requirements. It can be every 2, 4, 6, 8 weekly or even quarterly, every six months or just once a year. We actively encourage our audience to book a service online at a frequecy they require, our business model offer people the oportunity to book one service at a time, with no further commitment.

Once you have read our reviews and visited us at you can experience how we aim to work with you and ensure that your window cleaning service is exactly what you require.

Contact us on 01908 387243 to discuss your cleaning requirements.

Shining Windows - Window Cleaners Milton Keynes

6 Lingfield, Stacey Bushes, Milton Keynes, MK12 6HB

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