Consistency, Responsibility, Ownership and Leadership...


Our cleaning routine is standardised so precisely that our clients always know what to expect and consistently receive the same top quality cleaning service day to day, week to week, and throughout the entire year


We take full responsibility for our service. No excuses, ever! There’s never an excuse for poor service and if there is we own up to it. Shining Windows is in the cleaning business for the long haul. We seek long-term relationships with discerning clients who appreciate our willingness to always put our client’s needs first


We clean your home or office exactly as if we owned it so that you’ll always invite us back. We highly value client feedback and listen closely to what our clients tell us so that we can deliver the cleaning service they value most. We welcome your suggestions and look forward to working with you to perform the best cleaning service available


Leadership counts. We provide exceptional cleaning services because we are a well-managed and organized cleaning service. After all, if we didn’t have our own act together how can we possibly assist you with your needs? Excellent leadership is an extra-advantage you receive when you choose Shining Windows

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