What equipment do we use and why?

Health and Safety vs Expectations

Now the first question everyone is asking is "What happened to cleaning the old fashioned way?" Let's answer this diplomatically and fairly... Technology and safety in the work place? From all the contributing factors that balance the divide between cleaning and drying a window unit, what working height is safe to be at on a ladder and which safety equipment should be used. We can fairly say that being safe and practical is the most important fact.

Working from the ground is the safest option in the majority of environments when window cleaning, at Shining Windows we use water fed poles, using pure water that dries with spotting or marks. This ensures a better cleaning of frames, glass and sills. Not every job or access requires cleaning in this method, most ground floor shop fronts and all internal work does not use water fed pole, it would be impractical and potentially cause trip hazards in public access areas.

What equipment do we use?

We use a variety of professional companies, that specialise in manufacturing window cleaning equipment, to resource our equipment and services, here are a few examples of equipment we use and why we use it?

Carbon Fibre Water Fed Poles and Pure Water

We use carbon fibre poles due to the excessive manual labour required when cleaning at heights. Carbon fibre is much lighter than aluminium and therefore puts less stress on us physically when working. We also use water fed poles to reach windows and surfaces that would otherwise require powered access equipment.

Pure water has no impurities at all when filtered correctly, this results in a spotless finish with a great shine to the upvc and glazing. We filter our water through a reverse osmosis system, very similar to how hospital water is produced and used for medical purpose.

Ladders and safety equipment

We use ladders when required, we also use ladder safety equipment. Our main aim when faced with having to use ladders is to ensure that they are used in the correct manner and with appropriate safety measures in place to minimise risk. Our featured device is the Rojax ladder stopper, this device has worked alongside our team for many years. It is used at the base on the ladder as a matt and secure vertical stand to prevent movement of the ladder. The underneath of the ladder mat is similar to a vehicle tyre, providing a great grip to most surfaces.

Traditional window cleaning

We still clean some windows traditionally, as previously stated we prefer to avoid using our pole systems when working in busy public areas during business hours. Glazing that has not been cleaned for a significant amount of time could require a little elbow grease and manual labour to agitate the grime,

Gutter Cleaning Milton Keynes - Gutter vacuum

Using a gutter vacuum requires safely working from the ground, rather than using a ladder and stand off (at the top) to manually remove the dirt and grime from within a properties guttering.

We like to think we are ahead of our game, we meticulously assess our working environments and take great measure in protecting our clients property.

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