Exceeding customers expectations?

Window Cleaners Milton Keynes

What Do Our Customers Expect?

Window Cleaning industry consumers/customers don’t expect much from a standard service in this modern age. Most of them are very reasonable, and quite simply hope for the best.

Considering the amount of unprofessional, uncaring , 'make a quick buck' type of people and companies around, we have challenged the industry and found that our audience and community really do;

  • Want to trust in their window cleaning company and know who they are.

  • Want to know that the service is carried out safely and professionally.

  • Want to know that a concern or complaint will be dealt with professionally.

An example of reasoning with this issue is that consumers shopping for local tradesman don’t expect too much because very few companies take the time to raise the bar and put these higher expectations in the hands of a customers experience.

Let’s take a look at what the average consumer expects when purchasing with large corporations online or high street retail outlets

  • Customers expect timely, knowledgeable, friendly communication.

  • Customers want pre and post purchase service.

  • Customers expect exactly what they ordered.

  • Customers expect relatively fast shipping.

  • Customers expect a reasonable return policy.

We all know the traits of shopping on the high street, why shouldn't we expect the same from a local business. Shining Windows is here to deliver these expectations, no more old fashioned;

  • Random and inconsistent pricing

  • Charging for additional windows comparing to neighbouring properties

  • Unreasonable hours and not knowing when the window cleaner will collect

  • Disregard of health and safety, rsk of damage to your property

  • Leaving marks on upvc surfaces and frames from unprotected equipment

  • Corners of windows missed, frames not washed, sills not cleaned

How do we achieve our challenges ?

  • Our prices are listed online, we offer Paypal buyer and seller protection

  • We don't charge more because you have one window more than next door, in fact we discount new customers first clean by 25%, available online only

  • We schedule dates and times with our clients, providing a convenient service for our clients

  • We have a shop online to book services and a calendar to book appointments

  • We don't climb fences, gates or walls, we evaluate our path of movement to ensure that your property is protected

  • We use a water fed poles system, cleaning frames, glazing and sills each and everytime

  • We use safety equipment like, signs and cones, hi-viz clothing, ladder mitts and ladder stoppers, when we need to use ladders

How we perceive our audience ?

Here are a few examples of touch points that we have observed and taken into consideration, whilst designing a brand and local business. We're always thinking about your experience when choosing our services;


Social Media
Live Chat
Email Enquires
During Purchase
Service Photos
Product Descriptions
Checkout Experience

Purchase Receipt

Received Service

Thank You Note

Complaints Policy

How do we Exceed Expectations, Every Time ?

So how do we over-deliver our service to every customer, every time? It begins with understanding each of our customers touch points, customers experiences and business policies alongside our infrastructure.

These touch points or interactions can be anything from a visit to our website, a live chat session, the condition and appeal of the service they receive, a follow-up email correspondence, or even a single post on social media.

Every single touch point a visitor or customer has with a local company and the brand has the opportunity to meet, exceed or fail customer expectations.

We care about your service, we are human....

To find out more about our company or our window cleaners in Milton Keynes please contact us to discuss your requirements, thank you.

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