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We have all sourced local traders time and time again, waiting for email replies, leaving answer phone messages, having to invite various companies and individuals around to the home, experiencing different quotations and levels of customer service... and then someone knocking on the door in the evening collecting payment in cash #awkward... It all stops here, well... whilst looking for new Window Cleaners in Milton Keynes, it does!

We repond to emails the same day.

We confirm all services orders via email, within 24 hours of a client booking a service.

We call our clients and thank them for leaving us a voice message on the answering machine, then answer any questions asked with appreciation.

We don't collect in the evenings, in fact we don't go out knocking on doors at inconvenient times at all, all of our payments are made onling through paypal or online banking.

We're incredibly polite, we thoroughly enjoy our job and communicating with our clients. We think about your experience as a family, a client and a friend.

There really is no need to keep inviting strangers to your home to provide a quote, the houses in Milton Keynes are varied, but not varied enough, companies should offer consistant and standard pricing. Offering all neighbours an ethical pricing system.

All of our prices are available to view online, our business model is transparent, we're very honest about pricing, if you own a three bedroom property with standard windows, we charge the same for the same size property at the other end of the street... Ethical!

We also offer security in our payments, every service booked and paid for through our online shop - includes Paypal buyer and seller protection, it's nice to know your covered by an international company!

Check out our business model online at

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