Unpredictable weather, why do we clean after and during the rain?

Our weather has been unpredictable, extreme and certainly rainy as per usual in the United Kingdom and especially Milton Keynes, now we depicted these wild storms with names, our clients might be asking themselves what is the point of having a window cleaner? after all, windows are like vehicles yeah! As it’s always going to rain here, why would we waste time and money washing? Well, no not really, you should still have your windows cleaned, car washed and polish those sides. This blog explains our thoughts from our experience as a leading window cleaning company, why and how window cleaning before and after rain will ultimately want to benefit your property and environment, even before a storm...

As an experienced window cleaner service in Milton Keynes, we know about all the new innovations pure water cleaning has provided the industry, science that matters. It very important that our clients are well informed about our service, it is never the water that makes a window dirty, but instead it is the particles, minerals and dissolved solids left after water evaporates, as well as the particles in the atmosphere like grass from a lawn mower, vehicle pollutions and pollen from your friendly visiting bugs that leave a window, apparently dirty. Rain filtered by our planets natural resources is relatively purified and near perfect pure. Rainwater is more pure than ground water. In fact, some ingenious window cleaners are actually using that knowledge to their advantage with modern technology.

New and existing clients will sometimes look at our finished results, and naturally questions the methodology being used. Having no knowledge of the process and service being provided, to a client it certainly looks like we have a third eye because after all, we have all seen windows next to kitchen sinks from tap water and after it rains, streaks with debris and dirt. Acknowledging and understanding a customers experience is important, those scary, streaky lines are not acceptable when a clients regards the water as tap water, and not pure water. All those frightening looking windows after a rainstorm, who'd have thunk rain water and pollution was the cause. This is because those windows were dirty before hand and the rain has over time created layer upon layer of the dirt, this over time makes it more visible to someone with only two eyes, unlike us window cleaners who have a third!

We seemed to have explained this finer details about dirt, let us help you understand the benefits of cleaning windows prior to rain. Rain in general helps to clean the air and brush a trace of dust and particles from window frames, glazing and sills. To clean a window before rain will help prevent the build up of stubborn dirt, this is why regular window cleaning service is highly recommended, after all we are all looking out in the best interest of your property. Those difficult clusters of dirt could result in longer cleaning times, staining, discolouration, and potentially reducing the value of your property. If there is no dirt on the window glazing, there is nothing to create a spot when it rains. If the air is clean, less dirt will settle on the surface of a rain drop and subsequently remain as a spot when the rain evaporates.

We’ll always have people who are very weary of this new and modern technology, at Shining Windows we aim to provide an informative service, helping our clients understand the benefits of using an experienced and knowledgeable local Window Cleaning Company in Milton Keynes.

For this very reasoning with rationality and understanding our audience, we always offer a 100% guarantee of our quality of work. Should a client ever find an offending item, we're happy to return for free to ensure we meet your expectations. It is really more for the client’s peace of mind than anything else, we know our equipment and ensure to maintain our service and functionality to a high standard, but surely won’t hurt to return and provide reassurance. Shining Windows, Window Cleaners Milton Keynes

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