How it works, water fed and pure water

How does a water fed pole system work?

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Cleaning windows using water fed pole cleaning systems, or pure water; is very simplistic. Water from the tap in Milton Keynes is impure, it contains many sediments and particles, and the quality is dependant on where you are based.

These impurities are a the reason why you can’t just clean a car or a window, and allow it to dry naturally, in the majority of cases using water of this quality will end up resulting in the glazing having spots and streaks over the surface.

Pure water window cleaning system use pure water only, the impurities have been removed through reverse osmosis filtration. Whilst cleaning a window with pure water, as long as the surface has been rinsed well, removing all dirt that was there, it can be left to dry naturally, resulting in a spot and streak free finish.

Our pure water is filtered and stored in a static tank on site, our pure water always has to be processed/filtered to get it to its pure state. We transfer our water to a smaller tank fitted in a van, when on site, it is pumped from the van tank via a hose to our equipment using carbon fibre telescopic poles of varying sizes, with brushes on the end.

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Using professional systems allow window cleaning operatives to reach and clean windows at heights of around 80ft from the ground, ensuring that services are completed safely. All windows are allowed to dry naturally, the result is a lasting clean finish.

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Window Cleaners Milton Keynes

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