Why cleaning your windows is more important than it seems

Simple reasons why cleaning your windows is more important than it seems

The Structure of Glass

Glass surfaces are porous and collect dirt over time, which makes it fragile or can causes a loss of transparency and/or cloudy discolouration. Without regular window cleaning this will ruin the glass completely over time. Common problems for your windows could be from;

  • hard minerals

  • oxidization

  • acid rain

  • airborne salt

  • overspray

Subconscious opinions

We all know that when we pass a property, we look at the windows, this significantly affects the way we perceive the functionality of a family home or business. Subliminally or consciously, a majority of visitors will observe and pay attention to the cleanliness of your window. Dirty windows will demonstrate a careless management and representation of a business image and model, it could also appear less trustworthy and unattractive. By hiring a professional company and service, clean windows will attract positive vibes and opinions, for visitors and local community.


Just like with any other maintenance, it is ten times less expensive to maintain them in the short run than to accept the damage caused in the long run, restoration can be expensive. Once your windows start becoming stained and worn over time, it might be hard to reverse the process.

Microscopic cracks and scratches, internal mould and debris will gradually damage the surface of glass, alongside the damage from weathering, you could end up replacing the whole window unit including frames, again over long period of time. Not talking about all the potential damage to the surfaces and brickwork surrounding the window.

Property Valuation

You have invested time and hard earned money into your home, protect your investment after all windows contribute to a healthy life and better environment, they also offer a better view to what your neighbours are up to, again.... The world in full colour is simply more satisfying.

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