Prices, Perception and Dedication

Shining Windows, window cleaners Milton Keynes.... are not increasing prices in 2016, instead we are reducing the cost of some services from January 2016.

The decision to raise or lower prices is a tough one, with probable consequences for a business. We offer a transparent business model with set prices online, but the decision whether or not to change prices is not as important as the decision about how to accomplish the change. To put it another way, two companies who change prices on the same products by the same amount may get widely different results depending on how they implement the change is service. We feel that by reducing the cost of some services will increase sales and reach a wider audience with less budget for property maintenance.

Raising and lowering prices effectively involves careful attention to timing. It requires knowing how to understand our customers' perception of the value of service and experience, inherent in what is being sold. It forces us to study and accurately predict reactions from our competitors, existing business relations and our companies future.

Investing in the right equipment is important for every company, and client paying the bill. Our new equipment for Gutter Cleaning in Milton Keynes consists of working from the ground, safely and drastically reduces the time taken to complete a service, so we will be reducing the cost of Gutter Cleaning in 2016. We know this is the right thing to do, we know our audience will appreciate our dedication and honesty. It's safer, quicker why shouldn't we reduce the price? #capitalsm. We're human, we have bills and we certianly know that it all contributes to a better quality of life.

Due to our water-fed-pole and pure water systems, we will also be looking to reduce the cost of upvc, soffit, fascia and cladding cleaning, Stay tuned for regular updates @

Prices don't exist in a vacuum, like the earth under your feet, a price is supported by a value or expectation and how a customer perceives the product or service, to which the price is attached. Thinking about price reductions rather than increases, our value in this way makes it clear to our audience, that this is at least two-dimensional and improves our managed cleaning services in Milton Keynes as a business, for our existing clients and a future audience.

Many businesses get the best long-term results from increasing price and value, we find that we can reduce our own costs while increasing the service value and thereby offer an almost irresistible proposition to customers within a wider audience, a powerful recipe for growth, indeed, we're here for the foreseeable future, longevity and excellent customer relations is our focus. #revolution

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