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Prices and discounts

There is no doubt that any well-designed website for a small business should provide people with a wealth of information about the company and the services available. Visitors to the site should expect to find contact information, lists of products and services provided, frequently asked questions, testimonials, names and bios of key staff members, pictures and videos, and other types of content that help them decide if the company in question can help them solve whatever problem or need they might have. However, when it comes to the actual prices, there is 'just a little' bit of a grey area in our industry, and especially for any service-based business.

The leading questions that have drawn us to concentrate on during this blog;

  1. Should prices be posted on a company's website for everyone to see, or should it only be divulged to those who contact the business to request that information?

  2. How do I know that the discount promoted and advertised on Facebook is honest and true, especially when they don't have a price list to view?

Here are our important advantages of listing prices online and why

  • Honest and Flexible Business Development Listing our prices and service online provides an opportunity to provide an honest and transparent business model and experience to visitors online, our existing clients and this raises understanding and diversifies us as an approachable company and individuals.

  • Marketability of Security Offering a fair and honest pricing policy, and engaging through an ecommerce platform online, provides liquidity and ready sourced marketability of securities, researchable communications, and financial management and structure all contribute vital statistics on a continuous basis, adding prestige understanding and of market importance to our company and community. Whilst developing a workable business model, we have concentrated on understanding our audiences requirements, and subsequently meet our communities target driven expectations. We have successfully created the first website with the ability to facilitate the purchase or sale of a window cleaning service online, something that has never been done within the residential window cleaning industry, as far as we know, we have done our research.

  • Ability to raise the bar An initial process is of security and stability, we are able to expand without concern for non-payment or late payment processes, we're always paid in advance whilst working closely with an international platform, offering the closest form of guarantee that is available on the market today; Paypal buyer protection. Listing our prices increases our ability to concentrate on raising further development in future employment opportunities, investment and accreditation through various sources.

  • Supervision and Control of Trading The transactions in a listed sale are lawfully agreed during the process of purchase, our online shop offering contractual shopping, uniformly, as per Paypal rules, regulations and our terms and conditions of the service. All transactions are monitored and securities provided by Paypal, preventing unfair trading practices, our online payment process is as safe as shopping within high street retail. As a company we are monitored for customer service, ethical trading and delivery of service, amongst various other methods, Paypal want to ensure that your shopping experience and service is as good as our experience as a seller and provider, they're on both sides of the fence. This strengthens our business structure immensely, externally and internally, our relationship with Paypal improves the confidence of our existing clients, a new audience, investors and protects us all from unethical trading.

  • Fair Price for the Community The prices are publicly derived from years and years of experience, on the basis of supply and demand; quotations are generally reflective upon the individual or company you are communicating with, the real value of your decision is dependant on the individuals dedication, honesty and professional ability to provide the service you require. Thus, listing prices helps us generate your independent valuation of the company, through the current market demand for ethical companies. There are many good companies and individuals working within our industry, and unfortunately there's always going to be the uncaring, unprofessional guys out there, we have designed this platform for ease of use, security and fair trading.

  • Benefits to the Public The data we have used to create this wonderful platform is calculated daily in the form of fixed prices, customer service, product knowledge and experience, sales and performance; we provide valuable and lawful information to our clients, with each and every service order. We engage within our community and the public domain, which will continue to help us understand and revolutionize our market, we use this to project our future development and research studies. We are a caring team and aim to develop a trustworthy company for everyone requiring a window cleaning service in Milton Keynes, this is why we choose Paypal. An international banking association that almost everyone has heard about, and certainly feels confident and secure when trading through a Paypal payment website.

  • Increase Transparency By listing our prices online, we are offering a more open and transparent means of business, which helps to build trust and gives people an opportunity to confide in us as individuals, we always aim to cast a positive and great first impression, and that most importantly we have nothing to hide in our pricing structure. The data we collect is calculated in simple measures; fixed prices, customer service, sales and performance; which will help us understand our market, this can be used to project our future development and research studies.

  • Being Competitive and Raising the Bar We will always, happily let people know that we're competitive: If our prices are similar to those charged by competitors, we want and promote people to see this, and should prompt them to contact us to determine what the differences are, other than the slight price difference we may have with a competitor. We continuously engage online, posting competitions, giving away prizes, engaging with local charities, and even sending out coupons to existing clients, just to help them save a few pennies. It's good to be kind.

There are many Drawbacks of not listing prices online, here are our top concerns within our industry

  • Why are we so honest with Prices

An individual or company can easily be seen as a commodity: one of the worst things is finding a huge price difference between one company and another and no one explaining why? This happens all the time in our window cleaning service-based industry, we have been informed by many of our clients that this is an offensive commodity in our modern age. We have approached about this subject time and time again within our industry, it's simply a personal preference to how someone chooses to trade. We choose ethical methodology and honesty above all else.

  • What is the difference between a £4 clean and a £15 clean

The only difference in someone’s choice between your service and your competitor’s service is not just the price being charged, its also the service quality, commitment and security being provided. This is why we offer much more than just prices online, we always offer an understanding and explanation of how our business model works financially to the equipment and methodology we use whilst completing a job. We're happy to say that we are human and have the time for our clients. we're here for the foreseeable future and value longevity over making a quick profit, our first customers still use our services 10 years later.

  • Risking Inaccurate Comparisons

We publish prices and make it clear what exactly is included for that price, some competitors risk having people compare and value a window sill not being cleaned to save a few pennies, it's apples to oranges when looking at your service and what your service includes. We don't offer gold, silver and bronze cleaning plans, we offer the same plan for everyone, the same service at the same price as your neighbouring similar sized property, even if one of them has a window less or more. We value consistency over finishing early.

  • Why don't companies just clean the upstairs or just the front of the house?

In our experience, most service-based businesses have some form of “basic plan” or lower-cost service that is fairly uncomplicated and self-explanatory. This might be something like cleaning the glazing every clean, and only cleaning the frames and sills twice a year. For an independent professional company like us, this is substandard. We believe that the prices for these types of services should also be published on-line and upfront, because in our opinion the benefits of doing so outweigh the risks of unethical traders completing a substandard service.

Read and learn about our business model online @

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