Solar Panel Cleaning Milton Keynes

Solar Panel Cleaning Milton Keynes

Solar Panel Cleaning Milton Keynes

Here is a video of our solar panel cleaning service being completed..

How Often Should You Have Your Solar Panels Cleaned?

It is recommended by solar panel installation companies to clean your solar panels every 6 months in residential and country areas. This will improve efficiency and production, providing a return on your investment.

How Do we clean solar panels?

We use a soft bristle brush and pure water cleaning, pure water has been filtered through reverse osmosis, which removes sediment, carbon and other contaminants, it is simply pure water. This allows the water to dry on surfaces without leaving any residual marks from either cleaning agents or what comes out of your tap at home.

Incorrectly Cleaning Solar Panels?

It is strongly recommended by solar panel companies not to use chemicals to clean your panels. Tap water and rain water will not provide a clean surface to solar panels, to keep them running at maximum efficiency. Using detergents to clean solar panels leaves a sticky microscopic film on the solar panel which actually attracts dirt and grime. Again, this will lead to your solar panels not running efficiently and require cleaning more frequently.

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