Tips on choosing a window cleaning company

A professional window cleaning company will save you time, money and reach those windows that you can’t reach.

We all like to see the wide world, especially when doing the home duties on a clear summers day. Achieving the results you desire, may require professional assistance.

Don’t climb your ladder, without safety equipment. Hire a professional, here are some invaluable considerations before attempting to clean your own windows.

  • Safety – Are you being honest when you say you can clean your windows safely? Are you able to reach all the windows, even those above a roof, or extension?

  • Time - Do you have the correct equipment and experience to carry the job out in a safe and timely manner? Hiring a professional will save you on time and proficiency.

  • Quality – We have all seen the gadgets currently available on the market, firstly they are not designed for external window cleaning above ground floor. Does you equipment purchased at a local convenience store leave streaks? There is a reason professionals use professional equipment, like water fed pole window cleaning, safe and streak free.

Always ask you window cleaner for credentials

  • No matter the tradesman you’re hiring, ask for details of their insurance, this way you know you’re hiring a profitable company with your and their best interests at heart.

  • Ask to see where you can read reviews from other existing clients, getting to know another persons experience of a company you’re considering to hire is invaluable.

  • Ask to see expamples of their quality of work, either photos on a social media or websites, or videos on youtube of their work.

Here are a couple of tips about hiring a local window cleaner in your area.

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  • Ask about other work, most window cleaners have access equipment and licences for plant equipment, this provides a good point of access for those jobs most households find difficult to complete. For example, gutter clearance and cleaning, solar panel cleaning, conservatory roof cleaning, cladding cleaning, some window cleaning companies even offer an internal window cleaning service.

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  • Move fragile or heavy items, keep a clean and tidy work area for those who you invite into your personal spaces. Most window cleaners prefer items such as large garden furniture to be moved, providing clear access to the properties windows. Moving items will also prevent those simple accidents from taking place, move those flower pots and ornaments to prevent damage and make life easier from the operator.

That's all for now folks, keep updated and follow us on our social media sites.

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