Patio Cleaners Milton Keynes

Here is a a patio cleaning service in Milton Keynes we completed, when we arrived we saw that the patio had not been cleaned for some years and the new homeowners wanted the patio and garden area to look like new.

At first we pressure washed the patio to remove all debris and dirt from the surface of the patio slabs, then we treated patio slabs with a biocidal treatment to remove the mildew, algae and other organic growths, this treatment helps reduce the regrowth rate and ensures a cleaner a patio for longer.

The finishing results as you can see in the patio are amazing, the patio is very clean and we've also we resanded in between the gaps, this not only sets slightly and reduces movement of the slabs after cleaning but also provides a fantastic finish, cosmetically appealing.

Contact us today to discuss your patio cleaning requirements or book directly via the website.

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