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Gutter Cleaners Northampton, Gutter Cleaners Milton Keynes


Professional Gutter Cleaning services in Milton Keynes


We are also a gutter cleaning company in Milton Keynes and have over 20 years of experience in the gutter cleaning industry. All our gutter cleaners in Milton Keynes are professional, reliable and friendly.



Shining Windows services are available for purchase. Once your purchase is complete, you will receive a receipt via email this informs us of the delivery address for your service.

this will be the billing address associated with your payment method.


Please visit our BOOK AN APPOINTMENT to schedule a time and date, before or after completing your payment.

you book your holiday
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Services include


Residential Gutter Cleaning

Commercial Gutter Cleaning

we also investigate

Gutter Repairs & Maintenance

Gutter Cleaning Services in Milton Keynes


Why choose us?


We’re known for our fast delivery of service, reliability and friendly guttering service in Milton Keynes, our staff are fully trained and fully insured to operate at high levels

Residential Gutter Cleaning in Milton Keynes


We use a gutter vacuum system and also use ladders, we use photographs/video surveillance during the service to ensure your gutters are clean This enables us to thoroughly clean your guttering leaving no blockages in the gutter or downpipe


Commercial Gutter Cleaning in Milton Keynes


Shining Windows Gutters have high access equipment used for our commercial gutter cleaning service in Milton Keynes and our staff are certified to operate them


We can also use a cherry picker/elevated platform, which allows us to access any roof, anywhere

How often should your gutters be cleaned?


Shining Windows advise having your gutters cleaned at least once a year as this will prevent the build-up of moss and leaves which lead to blocked downpipes.


If your property is surrounded by trees we recommend having them cleaned twice a year.

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