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We undertake health and safety very seriously, giving our clients piece of mind that the work is completed safely.


We provide a professional service, including risk assessments and method statements.

Safety is of paramount importance and to ensure the safety of our employees, our clients, the public and property being worked on.

Our responsibilities both to you, your employees and users of your sites as well as to our own employees are of paramount importance.

How do we put this into practice?

A thorough analysis of every site is undertaken before any work is carried out. Any permanent obstructions or items of particular concern are recorded in a file specific to each of your sites. This standard practice ensures that our workers are aware of any potential hazards.

This would include:

    Pedestrian Access points
   Nearby Power Lines (10 Metres from work area)
   Telephone lines entering a building
   Potentially slippery surfaces

Protective measures might well include:

    Cordoning off areas where work is being carried out.
   The use of high visibility warning signs and cones to ensure that people are aware

    of our presence, including the use of caution signs when and where


Under certain circumstances it is only practical to access a building outside of work hours; this can be arranged where necessary. We pride ourselves in knowing that every necessary precaution is taken to ensure that both you and those using your environments are safe.


All of our site operatives undergo in-house training. They will accompany more experienced workers to gain insight into best practice and techniques before being allowed to clean sites on their own. Each employee is made aware of the Health and Safety issues relating to work.

All of our equipment is regularly inspected to ensure that it is in perfect working order. A log is kept to ensure that the inspections have been carried out and will be countersigned at regular intervals by a manager. This fundamental routine puts less strain on all of our workers and ensures that you receive the best results possible.

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“We are dedicated to providing, managing and maintaining our workplaces,  grounds, and properties so that they are practicable, safe and that risks to health are controlled"

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