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25% off your first window cleaning service

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As a new customer, we would like you to try our window cleaning service at a discount, why not?..

simply copy

"First clean"

and then add it as a coupon when making paymentcheckout #easy

Step one

Navigate to the main menu and view service prices then add your service to your cart

Step two

Navigate to the main menu and book an appointment

Step three

Navigate to your shopping cart and paste "first clean" into the coupon section, then complete the payment

all appointments and purchases are confirmed via email after you complete your order



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sign up to a regular window clean service

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make a saving and spend less today

we have reduced the cost of cleaning and offered various subscription packages to our shop pages Then simply click subscribe and you can book your appointments here

Payment is taken at the time of booking online, then the service is completed on your booking date

People chatting
 when you refer someone you know
1. Refer someone you know to Shining Windows
2. referral books and pays for a service
3. 50% off your next window cleaning service
(=(upon completion of referrals services)
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​1. Visit the Shop
2. Add 3 services to your shopping cart
3. Add the coupon - 10% Off Package
Girl Holding an Egg
​1. Visit the Shop
2. Add 6 services to your shopping cart
3. Add the coupon - 15% Off Package
Egg on Knee
​1. Visit the Shop
2. Add 12 services to your shopping cart
3. Add the coupon - 20% Off Package
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